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TV Azteca Houston Channel 51 | “Somos Texas” Series with Capoeira Luanda Houston

TV Azteca Houston Channel 51 | “Somos Texas” Series with Capoeira Luanda Houston

HOUSTON, TX – May 31st 2017 – Houston’s Brazilian Arts Foundation had the honor to share a capoeira class with the team from TV Azteca Houston 51.

Aztec America reporter Ingrid Picazo came to part into one of the Brazilian Arts Foundation, Capoeira Luanda Houston classes at our new facility for a story in ‘Somos Texas’. The BAF community is very happy to have shared a piece of Brazilian culture with the team, and specially to have had Ingrid join the class with such great energy and willingness to participate with all the students.

It is always a pleasure and an honor to represent and share the Brazilian culture in Houston. Thank you so much for the opportunity, Aztec America!

Video Language: Spanish – Amigos Hispano-parlantes! Acá los esperamos para compartir con ustedes un poco de cultura Brasileña, y para que se lleven todos los beneficios mentales y físicos que nos deja la herencia cultural del arte de la capoeira.

Para saber mas sobre nuestras clases, visita nuestra sección de capoeira para niños, adultos y familias!

Watch video below

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