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Best Moments | Capoeira Luanda Houston 2018 Batizado

Best Moments | Capoeira Luanda Houston 2018 Batizado

Capoeira Luanda Houston | XVIII Batizado • Mestre Jelon | Organized by Contramestre Gringo – Oct 31 to Nov 3, 2018

We are so thankful for everyone’s energy and help in making this year’s celebration so much fun. We can’t wait for another year of family togetherness and training, and to have you all back here again!

Special thanks to our Mestre Jelon for so much knowledge and perspective and to our guests: Mestrando Cocada, Contramestre Esquilo Preto, Contramestre Metido Alex Capoeira Rodriguez , Professor Maguila, Instrutor Montanha, Instrutora Rosa, Capoeira Arte Reviver , Instrutor Molejo and Instrutor Negro.

And to the parents and students, without whom we couldn’t make this happen, our hearts filled with gratitude!

Original photos courtesy of Krystal Hardwick, Isani E. G. Cayetano, and Nicholas Lyons.

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