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Improving your workouts with Capoeira

Improving your workouts with Capoeira

We at the BAF love Capoeira; a beautiful martial art that is a complex mixture of acrobatic work, constant movement and dance. Capoeira (in all its unique styles) has a long history and evolution from strategic hand-to-hand combat to a worldwide cultural movement open to people of all ages and professions.

This Brazilian sport and art form is known to be an endurance workout that helps to achieve good body strength and resistance, which is the reason a lot of capoeiristas (both beginners and pros), with good practice enjoy several health benefits and do workout programs apart from the roda without difficulty. Some of them consider Capoeira a great and complete exercise routine.

But how can Capoeira effectively level up your body strength and help you maintain a better routine? The secret is: Every Capoeira move uses your own body as a pivot.

If you just started out classes with us, don’t worry: We will meet you where you are! Be sure that with practice and consistency, your fitness level will build up and we will have a great time while you learn. Just ask Contramestre Gringo about it: He has been living this art for more than 20 years.

Capoeira training helps your body muscles to endure constant strain. It betters your breathing and blood flow (aside from a lot of other known health benefits) all while you practice a coordination-oriented routine with your roda peers; the more you practice, your body will move, heal, and get stronger.

Improving workouts with Capoeira
One of our Capoeira Luanda activities

A Great Cardio Boost

The root movement, (the Ginga) is a constant sway movement, which is the origin of every capoeira move. Maintaining a solid ginga can be a challenge and will easily fire your heart up. Your heart can reach 150 to 180 bpm rather quickly! Many sources say an active hour of capoeira can burn up to 500 calories.

Learning new moves = Great muscles

It may sound obvious if you have been to a ‘game’, but Capoeira is clearly demanding on upper body strength; this meaning your body will adapt better to new exercises and you will be prepared to boost your core. The more you practice your moves for the roda, the better you will perform with classic workout routines (like pull-ups, push-ups and many more). Don’t worry about finding a gym though! in most cases you won’t need any special equipment at all but your own body weight! Having a consistent workout on the upper body will reflect on your moves, and believe us, the results will surprise you in great ways (including just a bit of that good muscle soreness from putting in your hard work).

Challenge yourself with acrobatics!

In some movements your arms will hold your weight so you can gain momentum and keep your position. In others (like the macaco move) you will use your hip flexors, lats and chest in a single rush. A Queda de Rins (a very popular plyometric push up-like movement) will improve your core stability too. There’s a new challenge for every known move, and the more challenges you will encounter, the greater will be your muscle development. Capoeira is a fun long ride and with effort, you will get amazing results for sure.

With time, dedication, and consistency your body will adapt to different kinds of stress levels and you will improve your health, your capoeira, and your workouts outside the classroom. At the end of the day, the Capoeira routine is about improving, getting healthier and having the best energy possible. Vamos Gingar!

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