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Arts & Crafts

Our Houston Brazilian Festival 2014 also features local artists and vendors  that bring you Brazilian Culture!

For the Houston Brazilian Festival 2014, we are very happy to be supporting great local artists who are inspired by Brazilian culture in many forms.  We hope their talent, craft and inspiration will be the perfect keepsake or gift to take a token of Brazilian culture with you!

Artists include André AmaralJorge Leite Lopes and the seniors of the Wesley community center, Houston.

We will be updating this page as we continue to finalize details, so stay tuned!

Learn more about the artists:

André Amaral

Houston Brazilian Festival 2014 | Art by Andre Amaral
André Amaral relocated to Houston with his family in 1998, and received a BA in Applied Design and Visual Arts in 2004 and a MA in Humanities (Visual Arts) in 2009 from the University of Houston Clear Lake. His work features inks recycled from CMYK ink cartridges used in large format commercial printers. After the initial pencil sketch is transferred to canvas, each ink is usually painted by itself in four separate layers: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The inks are not mixed in the painting process but different colors form as the separate transparent layers mix visually.

The process of painting in layers of CMYK color is a reference to color separation in printing and the manner in which design software works in layers and color channels. The white areas are left untouched in order to parallel inkjet printing: colors are usually printed on white media and white areas are left untouched by the inks. The main idea behind this technique is to create a bridge between the commercial and artistic by bringing these solvent inks from their commercial purpose into fine art. The work usually features Brazilian culture in often nostalgic tones in reference to they way the Brazilian expat community deals with the distance from home.

André has participated at the Houston Brazilian Festival several times, never failing to bring us all his inspiration in Brazilian culture, places, historical landmarks, food and performing arts among others. You can connect with Andre via his website or his Facebook page Art by Andre Amaral

Take a look at some of André’s art pieces! 

©All Rights reserved by André Amaral

Jorge Leite Lopes | Salvador, Bahia Brazil

jorge_leite_7Jorge Leite Lopes is a self-taught artist, producer, and creator of facilities for recycling, design, scene making, and costume making. He does performances as well as installations with sculpture, mosaics, and paintings. To create his work he uses various types of raw material including plastic containers, broken toys, extra pieces of cloth, bits of tile, acetate containers, bits of electronics, and many others. In 2004, Jorge began to develop a technique in which two liter plastic bottles (PET) are molded by cutting and heating. This process became known as “bottle mutation”.

When he started his work, artist friends became interested in learning and collaborating in the development of this new technique. As orders came in and demand increased, Jorge and his friends were able to open training facilities in order to produce the pieces.  This enabled them to build some very elaborate installations in a very short length of time. The training facilities became a means for various people to learn about his work as well as to collaborate with the group.

In this collaboration the “Coletivo Mutação Arte” (Art Mutation Collective) was born. It is made up of dedicated people with their ideas, experiences, activities, and techniques, all with the objective of contributing to the growing movement of changes necessary to integrate people and our natural planet. Until 2009, PET bottles were the main raw material of their work and, though it provides for infinite possibilities, this year JorgeI decided to experiment with new materials. This experimentation is evident in the pieces he presented at the TUDOMUTA in November, 2010 at the Casa da Música, Itapuã, Salvador, Bahia.

Take a look at some of Jorge’s work below!


©All Rights reserved by Jorge Leite Lopes

Art by the Seniors of the Wesley Community Center Houston:

seniors_lowCome and see the art made by the seniors of the Wesley Community Center! The Brazilian Arts Foundation has offered a free art program for the seniors of Wesley for the last 4 years. They have been expressing their emotions, developing their creativity and having fun making some pieces inspired in Brazilian culture!

Their art will be available for purchase at the festival and the proceedings will go to the seniors artists and to nurture and improve the program.

Houston Brazilian Festival

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