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Authentic Brazilian Cuisine

The Houston Brazilian festival 2014 brings delicious Brazilian food for every taste! From authentic Brazilian dishes, gourmet hot dogs and typical Brazilian sweets, you will be sure to have a great taste of some of Brazil’s vibrant cuisine.

During 2014, we are very excited to bring you local Brazilian chefs who have made Houston their home and continue to share Brazilian food with our great community!
Food options include Cater Brazil by Alex Santana, Comme Il Faut events by Katia Lessa,  Picanha Masters and  Brigadeiro Brasil by Verena Gasparin Arus.


Cater Brazil by Alex Santana

 Cater Brazil’s menu for the Houston Brazilian Festival is in the works! Stay tuned for more updates.


BAF__alex_santanaAlex is the youngest son of accomplished chef and catering business owner Veroca, Vera Santana (Rio de Janeiro).

Alexander Santana was privileged to follow Veroca’s foot steps and became a great chef himself.

Growing up by the side of his mother watching over the business and helping her in the kitchen, Alex developed the passion for events and cooking.

Moving to Houston in 1999, Alex’s cooking became his only way to connect with his mother. After catering and planning a successful wedding party for one of his friends, Cater Brazil was born. ” We are always looking for high quality food, great presentation, and excellent service, we bring a special meaning to catering.”

Cater Brazil has participated in several Houston Brazilian Festivals, bringing authentic Brazilian cuisine flavors to our guests. With typical dishes like Brazilian Feijoada, Coxinha de Framgo (Chicken Thighs), Empanadinhas (Empanadas) and Risole de Camaräo (Shrimp Rolls), Cater Brazil brings out the vibrant flavors of Brazilian cuisine.

Come and give it a taste at the Houston Brazilian Festival 2014.

sponsors_2014_cater_brazilConnect with Cater Brazil here»




Picanha Master by Alex and Ana Oliveira

picanha_photo_smallAlex and Ana Oliveira who are both executive chefs of a major Brazilian steakhouse chain will be providing their home-style Brazilian cooking at Houston’s Brazilian festival. They both originate from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, a state in southern Brazil that is famous for their churrasco (BBQ). This year they’re offering a plate of Brazilian rice, farofa and vinaigrette to complement fresh off the fire Picanha (top sirloin) or chicken skewers. So while you’re getting a taste and feel of Brazil’s vibrant culture and cuisine be sure to stop by for some delicious churrasco (Brazilian BBQ), made with the best ingredients.



Comme il Faut Events and Catering by Katia Lessa

hotdog_1For the Houston Brazilian Festival, Katia Lessa will be bringing us Brazilian Gourmet Hot Dogs.  Stay tuned for more details on her specific menu!

As said by Katia,

“Brazilian hot dogs are distinct from what we know.

Starting with the bread, we use mini french bread to accommodate all of the yummy filling.

We use pork or chicken sausage that gets simmered in a beautiful sauce made with tomatoes onions and peppers and as if that was not enough, we top them off with shoe string potatoes and a hand full of parmesan cheese!
You will think you just made to heaven!”

Comme il Faut “as it should be” is where Brazilian Chef Katia Lessa dreams of making your wishes come true and she always believes they can happen. Through her 30 years of cooking experience she has learned that through food we all come together.

BAF_website__katia_lessaKatia is a Brazilian native from Rio de Janeiro. U.S. resident for 29 years, Houstonian for the past 27 years. Interior Designer by trade, event planner and caterer by passion. -“For that reason I started Comme il Faut Events and Catering

Food is a passion and it has been for quite some time. It is creative, exciting and nurturing. My gift to family and friends has always been my cooking”. Today Comme Il Faut gifts its clients with the best culinary experience we can provide. Because through food “ we all come together”.Connect with Katia via her website or her Facebook page»





Brigadeiro Brasil | Brazilian Desserts


sponsors_2014_brigadeiro_houstonBrigadeiro Brasil brings the sweet taste of Brazil to your finger tips. The “Brigadeiro” is a national institution in Brazil just like soccer, samba and Carnaval.
This small local business has been bringing fabulous flavors to parties and celebrations. Enjoy their tasty treats this year at the Houston Brazilian Festival.

Connect with Brigadeiro Brasil via their website or their Facebook page»

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