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Entertainment & Guest Artists

Our Houston Brazilian Festival 2014 brings you exciting bands that will take you through different genres of Brazilian Music!

Houston Brazilian Festival 2014For the Houston Brazilian Festival 2014, we are very happy to be supporting great local Brazilian artists from Houston such as Batalá Houston, Choro Ao Ponto, Janete Silva from Silva Dance Company LadoBê  and Samba Soul.  We hope their live music performances and contagious energy will be perfect for you to enjoy the afternoon and to get you dancing!

Learn more about the bands:

Batalá Houston


Batalá Houston is a  Samba Reggae percussion band in the Houston area! It is comprised of 10 members and looking forward to growing in the future!

Batalá is a Brazilian percussion band playing traditional Bahian rhtyhms of Samba Reggae. It is an all-volunteer band, made up of women and men!

About Batalá:

Batalá is a world wide movement of Samba Reggae music founded in 1997 by Bahian musician and composer, Giba Gonçalves, in Paris. Batalá has successfully grown around the world – there are Batalá bands in several European countries (UK, Spain, Belgium…), in South America (Brazil, Argentina), Africa (South Africa, Angola), The Caribbean (Guadeloupe), and in North America (USA – San Francisco, Houston, DC, and NYC).

Batalá is an all-volunteer band no matter where you go, and all the instruments and costumes are hand made and come directly from Salvador, Bahia under fair trade practices.

If you are not familiar with Samba Reggae music, after watching Batalá perform, you’ll quickly fall in love with the contagious nature of the positive vibrations of Brazilian culture and music! Get ready, Houston!

AXÉ and Batalá Hey!

Listen to “Direto” by Batala »

Listen to “Ordinario” By Batala »

For more information, please visit their Facebook fan page here>>

Choro Ao Ponto

Choro Ao Ponto is Houston’s one and only authentic Brazilian Choro group. The group is composed of Ingrid Gerling (violin/flute/vocals), Duke Hunter (pandeiro/percussion), Vitor Pacheco (violao sete cordas), Ricardo Sarandy (cavaquinho), and Daniel Silveira (accordion/piano).

houston_brazilian_festival_2014_choro_ao_pontoChoro ao Ponto focuses on the performance of Brazilian choro, a highly refined and virtuosic style of popular instrumental music.

Choro had its origins in Rio de Janeiro, when street musicians combined African rhythms with traditional European dance genres like the waltz, mazurka, and polka. This mix resulted in a groove oriented yet harmonically complex style. Most of the popular Choros have a very lively and light-hearted character, yet a few occasional slow poetic vocal melodies have also become well known, “Carinhoso” being the most famous of these.

The name for Choro ao Ponto comes from the Brazilian term for meat that is cooked to the perfect point. To make meat “ao ponto” is considered an art in Brazil, the land of Churrasco. Similarly, the musicians in Choro ao Ponto recognize that Choro is a sophisticated genre and requires the refinement of our craft. We work together to produce performances that reach that “perfect point.”

Connect with Choro Ao Ponto» or watch  a sneak peek video here»

Janete Silva | Professional Dancer

Photo Courtesy of Tiba Vieira
Photo Courtesy of Tiba Vieira

For the Houston Brazilian Festival 2014, we will have the honor of having Brazilian dancer Janete Silva teaching us an interactive Samba de Roda class; an authentic, community participation Samba de Roda, where everyone will be part of the celebration , as it is in traditional Afro-Brazilian culture Samba de Roda.

Janete has studied dance since childhood and has performed with various local and international companies such as Dance Brazil (NY), Bale Folclórico da Bahia (Brazil), Bahia Brazil (Los Angeles-LA), Orquestra Popular da Bahia (Brasil), Freddiek Bratcher and Company (Miami-FL).
She has studied Afro-Brazilian Dance, Ballet, Modern Dance and Silvestre Technique. Also, she has appeared as a dancer on singer star Ivete Sangalo’s recent DVD.

Check our event lineup for specific details and let the rhythm of Samba take control!

Watch this video of one of her classes, her energy is contagious!

More Information:

Silva Dance Company website, Dance for You Magazine, Silva Dance Facebook, Silva Dance Company Video



ladobeLadoBê is a band formed by musicians from different Brazilian states that are passionate about the rhythmic diversity characteristic of Brazilian Popular Music. LadoBê seeks to disseminate musical styles little know in the U.S.

The setlist includes Brazilian music masters as Gilberto Gil, Djavan, Chico Buarque, Cidade Negra, Lenine, O Rappa, Seu Jorge, Tim Maia, among other great artists.

LadoBê is:
Daniel Silveira | Bass
Luana da Silva | Singer and percussion
Tony Paraná | Percussion
Vitor Pacheco | Acoustic and eletric guitar.

Watch some of LadoBê’s videos here»

Samba Soul

Samba Soul is a dynamic group of musicians bringing the best of Brazilian Samba and Pagode music to the Houston community.

houston_brazilian_festival_2014_Samba_SoulTheir goal is to unite the Brazilian community and raise awareness of the Brazilian culture to the general public. They have been performing in Houston since April 2011, and have had a great success in sharing the love of Samba with their audience. The band is comprised of the following members

“We are a dynamic group of musicians bringing the best of Brazilian Samba and Pagode music to the Houston community”

Visit their Facebook Fan page here>>


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