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Entertainment Lineup

At the Houston Brazilian Festival 2014 we are hoping to give you the best entertainment and experience for you, your family and your friends!

Stay tuned, as activities may be added or schedule changes are necessary. You can keep up with our event updates here at our website, stay tuned with our Facebook page, and we will make sure that if you are signed up to receive our newsletter (sign up above or at the bottom of this page), you will get detail information before the festival via email.

Houston Brazilian Festival 2014

Houston Brazilian Festival 2014 Lineup

2:00 pm Houston Brazilian Festival 2014 Doors Open
3:00 pm Choro Ao Ponto – Live Music
4:30 pm Capoeira Adults Performance
5:00 pm Puxada de Rede – Kids Performance Capoeira Roda for kids
5:30 pm LadoBê – Live Music
6:30 pm Samba de Roda – Dance class Open to all ages and levels
7:00 pm Samba Soul – Live Music
8:15 pm Batalá – Live Music
8:30 pm Samba Soul – Live Music
9:30 pm Batalá – Live Music
9:40 pm Samba Soul and Batalá Ensemble
9:50 pm Event wrap-up
10:00 pm Event closes


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Houston Brazilian Festival

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Capoeira Luanda Houston Kids

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Samba Soul Live Music

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Capoeira Luanda Adults

Houston Brazilian Festival 2012

Trio Baru

Houston Brazilian Festival 2013

Capoeira Luanda Adults

Houston Brazilian Festival 2011

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