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Houston Arts Alliance | City of Houston

BAF__BAF_partnerships_HAA_HoustonThe Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) is one of the major sponsors of the Houston Brazilian Festival. With yearly support through annual grants and the MODE Arts Incubator Program, both HAA and the City of Houston play a critical role in the Houston Brazilian Festival.

HAA is a 501(C) 3 non-profit arts organization. The mission is to support and promote artistic life in the Houston region through programs, initiatives and alliances.

Advancing the nonprofit arts industry in Greater Houston improves the region’s quality of life, ensures a competitive economy, and creates an appealing tourist destination.

Crail trucks

BAF_Skate_fliers_crailCrail Trucks uses skateboarding as means of expression and worldwide transformation. If you know Crail Trucks spirit, you know that Crail is a conscious company, an activist agent in favor of skateboarding and what it represents to skaters and society. In their mission, skating takes the first place.


Houston Parks & Recreation

BAF_Skate_fliers_houston_parksLouis Moore, MS, CPRP
Senior Superintendent
Houston Parks and Recreation Department
Recreation and Wellness Division / Athletic & Aquatic Services

Spring Skatepark

The Greenspoint Redevlopment Authority (the Authority) operates TIRZ (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Eleven (TIRZ Eleven). The TIRZ was created by The Texas Legislature through the City of Houston. TIRZ Eleven uses public funds to create amenities within the Zone that will enhance the quality of life for its residents, visitors and employees. Public projects include streets, bridges, parks, public art and pedestrian improvements. Inducements are also offered to developers to bring new commerce to the Zone. The Authority funded the design and construction of Spring Skate Park and Dylan Park.
Spring Skatepark

Southside Skatepark

BAF_Skate_fliers_southsideSouthside Skatepark began as a private mini ramp surrounded by old cars and guns here in a warehouse in South Houston, Texas in the Spring of 1994. Those early day sessions grew larger and larger as the word spread of the indoor mini ramp. With the closing of the Skatepark of Houston there was not as much transition and even fewer places to skateboard. In those days you had to either build your own ramp at your house, have a friend who had a ramp or steal materials from construction sites and build illegal ramps in the woods. It was very difficult for skateboarders to find anywhere to ride as society held tightly to the stereotypes of the 80's when giving the swift boot at any of the local street spots. No one cared about you or your skateboard and in fact most of your friends and family would prefer you quit and get on with yourself. That's what we loved about it so much, that's why we fought so hard for it, because no one was going to give it to us. Southside Skatepark embodies to true spirit of the original do it yourself skateboarder. We hope that all skateboarders will join us as we celebrate 21 years of die hard skateboarding, done for the right reasons and remaining as Core as 94 to this very day.
Check out the Southside Skatepark Facebook page to stay connected

- Big O, Southside Skatepark


SK8LAB Houston

BAF_Skate_fliers_sk8labSk8Lab will be making videos as the ones you can see on their Facebook page, bringing an educational component to the event with science and physics to analyze the sport.

SK808 Wheels

BAF_Skate_fliers_sk808SK808 Wheels are designed and tested in Houston, Texas. They make premium urethane wheels for skateboarding customers. Their attention to detail, in design and manufacturing, is matched only by the industry’s most respected brands. SK808 Wheels' owner and skater will also be our amazing event MC. Connect with SK808 Wheels on Facebook.


BAF_Skate_fliers_pushOrganization formed to rase the funds for the skate parks


BAF_Skate_fliers_sosouthSince 2005 SoSouth has been the leading distributor of southern rap to Itunes and the rest of the digital outlets. We represent many of the biggest record labels and artists in Texas. From new releases to the classics from the likes of DJ Screw, Slim Thug, Lil' Keke, Z-Ro, Fat Pat, Big Moe, OG Ron C, Swishahouse and hundreds more. We've been a stricktly word of mouth operation until recently. Now you can take advantage of our experience.
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