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Skate Pros

This Skateboarding Houston event will have Brazilian skate pros such as Akira Shiroma, Daniel Marques, Leticia Bufoni, Lincoln Ueda and Otávio Neto. They will be joining the spectacular skate scene of our beloved Houston.

Demos will include different skate parks in the city.

Park details right here>>


Original Images Courtesy of Crail Trucks



Akira Shiroma

Photo Source: Crail trucks

Daniel Marques

Photo Source: Crail trucks


Leticia Buffoni 

Photo Source: Crail trucks


Lincoln Ueda 

Photo Source: Crail Trucks
Photo Source: Crail Trucks



Otávio Neto

Photo Source: Crail trucks


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We are still planning lots of details for prices and fun, so please keep checking in!

Brazilian Arts Foundation in collaboration with Crail Trucks is very excited to present the 2015 Skate Brazil Demo. An exciting event Sponsored by the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance

"Brazilian Arts Foundation is funded in part by grants from the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance"


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