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We offer programs in Capoeira martial arts for adults, kids and families, Brazilian Portuguese, Afro-Brazilian dance and different after-school programs.

Capoeira Luanda Adults

Capoeira Luanda Adults

Vamos Gingar! The game challenges physical agility and coordination, as well as strategy and interaction. Students learn the physical art, as well as how to play music (an essential component of the game) on a variety of instruments used in the roda, and to sing and speak in Portuguese. All of these skills add to… Continue Reading

Capoeira Luanda Kids

Capoeira Luanda Kids

Vem Criança, Vem Jogar! Learning a discipline such as Capoeira at an early age is invaluable for any child. This unique martial art develops discipline, coordination, strength, and rhythm, while the group setting emphasizes social skills, communication and respect for others. Kids learn strategizing skills and creative self-expression in a positive and fun environment. We… Continue Reading

Brazilian Portuguese

Portuguese Classes in Houston

Vamos falar Português! Let’s speak Portuguese! The next block of classes will be from April 29th to June 22nd, 2019. Registration is now open. Our professional instructors offer Portuguese classes in Houston for every level, from beginner to advanced, and the curriculum is designed to progress students through sequential blocks of classes. STARTING DATES FOR THE… Continue Reading

Samba de Gafieira Dance Class

Samba de Gafieira classes Houston

Samba de Gafieira Dance Program  Samba de Gafieira It’s a partner dance from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that evolved as a ballroom dance to the Brazilian samba musical rhythms. The term ‘Gafieira’ means “low dancing resort, gaff, honky-tonk” or “dance festivity frequented by the lower classes.” This is probably due to the fact that the Gafieira… Continue Reading

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After School & Community Programs

We also provide programs outside our cultural center. 

Kipp Sharpstown Program

Kipp Sharpstown Program

Through a collaboration with KIPP Sharpstown and CASE, the Brazilian Arts Foundation provides Capoeira classes three times per week for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. The goal of the program is to use Capoeira as a medium for improving physical strength, coordination, and flexibility, building self-confidence, and developing cross-cultural exchanges. The students learn about the… Continue Reading

Rice University Program

Rice University Program

Historically, Rice University has recognized that becoming physically educated is integral to one’s overall education. Since the university was founded in 1912, the Lifetime Physical Activity Program has worked to create a multi-faceted learning experience that promotes the physical, social, and emotional benefits of physical activity. To encourage a lifetime of fitness through the teaching… Continue Reading

Senior Arts Program at Wesley Community Center

Senior Arts Program at Wesley Community Center

The Brazilian Arts Foundation has offered free art and exercise classes to the seniors at Wesley Community Center for the past ten years. Members participate in weekly painting classes, working on various techniques, that are designed to aid in externalizing emotions, develop creativity and individual expression. The instructor incorporates light stretching and gentle movement into… Continue Reading

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