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Mauricio Campos Samba de Gafieira

Mauricio Campos - Samba de Gafieira & Forró Instructor

Mauricio Campos has been practicing capoeira since 1997; since this art is a mix of dance and martial arts, several other folkloric dances from Brazil have transitioned naturally into his life. Mauricio became interested in Samba de Gafieira around 2013 while traveling in Brazil. He began a quest to find places to learn, taking classes… Continue Reading

Brazilian Dance Private Classes

You prefer a private setting with a more hands-on intensive approach to learning and we are here for you! Join us for private dance classes in Samba de Gafieira or Forró with instructor Mauricio Campos.

His experience and high energy are sure to give you a great experience and you will be able to take your dance skills to the next level. Whether it is to dance with your special someone or take more confidence to the dance floor, these classes will get your heart beating to the beat of Brazilian music!


Private Brazilian Dance Class

One hour of undivided attention for either singles or couples wanting to learn to dance Samba de Gafieira or Forró

$ 75.00

After purchasing your class, please make sure to register for it online here>>

How to book a class with Mauricio at the Brazilian Arts Foundation Cultural Center?

While we implement an online accessible way of booking classes at your more convenient time, we ask that you email Mauricio at mauricio(at) or call us at 713.862.3300 after having purchased your private class above.



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Samba de Gafieira Dance Class

Samba de Gafieira Dance Program  Samba de Gafieira It’s a partner dance from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that evolved as a ballroom dance to the Brazilian samba musical rhythms. The term ‘Gafieira’ means “low dancing resort, gaff, honky-tonk” or “dance festivity frequented by the lower classes.” This is probably due to the fact that the Gafieira… Continue Reading

Forró Dance Class

Forró Dance Program Forró (pronounced foh-ho) is a lively dance style that has its origins in Northeast Brazil. Couples dance together (‘coladinho’), heads and hips often touching, spinning and skipping in a close embrace. Forró encompasses various dance styles as well as a number of different musical beats. This music genre has gained widespread popularity in all regions… Continue Reading

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