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Capoeira Luanda MP3 Album | No Balanço da Ginga “In Memory of Aladin”

Capoeira Luanda MP3 Album | No Balanço da Ginga “In Memory of Aladin”

Enjoy our very own Capoeira Luanda MP3 album, recorded here in Houston.

Mestre Jelon, along with many Professores and Students of Capoeira Luanda worldwide met to record tunes written by many great capoeristas.

Released February, 2011 | Produced by Brazilian Arts Foundation and SoSouth

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Capoeira Luanda Adults at Fort Bend Academy of Dance


Vamos Gingar!

The game challenges physical agility and coordination, as well as strategy and interaction. Students learn the physical art, as well as how to play music (an essential component of the game) on a variety of instruments used in the roda, and to sing and speak in Portuguese.
All of these skills add to the expressive and creative nature of Capoeira.

Capoeira is the national treasure of Brazil; a unique Afro-Brazilian martial art, Capoeira is played in a ‘roda,’ or circle, between two players.

This classes will take place at the Fort Bend Academy of Dance on 1959 Texas Pkwy, Missouri City, Texas 77489

Remember, no experience is necessary and our first class is always free!

To enjoy your first complementary class, we require that you register before joining the classroom.

Register online and you will be able to start the class right away. If you would prefer to register in person, please arrive 15 minutes early so we can get you started in no time and without disrupting the class.

Register online»

First class recommendations:

  • Regular work out attire is recommended, jeans or constricting clothing are not. Shoes are optional. If you choose to wear shoes, lightweight tennis shoes with a flat sole are preferred.
  • Please let your instructor know if you have any injuries or limitations.
  • Keep the training area clear of all belongings.

Please provide online payments only. Our instructors will not be taking payments on sight.
Thank you!

Single Payment Options

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