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Kipp Sharpstown Program


Through a collaboration with KIPP Sharpstown and CASE, the Brazilian Arts Foundation provides Capoeira classes three times per week for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. The goal of the program is to use Capoeira as a medium for improving physical strength, coordination, and flexibility, building self-confidence, and developing cross-cultural exchanges. The students learn about the culture, history, music and language of Brazil, while learning healthy social skills like discipline, cooperation and respect. This program is funded in part by grants from the Harris County Department of Education through CASE (Cooperative After School Enrichment). In addition to learning Capoeira after school, KIPP students also have the opportunity to train and practice Capoeira at the Brazilian Arts Foundation cultural center, exposing them to students with more experience and integrating them further into the world of Capoeira. This is the third year the Brazilian Arts Foundation has directed an after school program at KIPP Sharpstown.


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