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Portuguese Classes etiquette and block schedule

2019 Blocks Schedule: Registration opens around 4 weeks before the start date

  • April 29th to June 22nd
  • June 24th to August 17th
  • August 19th to October 12th
  • October 14th to December 14th

Class Etiquette

  • Please arrive to class on time. If you arrive late please be very discreet and do not interrupt the class.
  • Take notes outside your class book!
  • Please complete the your online registration prior to arriving for your first class. If you need to sign up for for the block before class, please arrive early, and allow at least 15 minutes to register. Students may not go into class before registering for class. No exceptions.

About our Portuguese teacher

Rita Azevedo

Rita Azevedo

Rita Azevedo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Language Pathology, and is a native Portuguese speaker from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She obtained her specialized training at an International Language Center, and has been teaching Brazilian Portuguese in the Houston area for the last several years. Rita has extensive teaching experience in settings ranging anywhere from… Continue Reading

Brazilian Portuguese

Vamos falar Português! Let’s speak Portuguese!

The next block of classes will be from April 29th to June 22nd, 2019. Registration is now open.

Our professional instructors offer Portuguese classes in Houston for every level, from beginner to advanced, and the curriculum is designed to progress students through sequential blocks of classes.


April 29th, 30th, May 2nd, or 4th depending on your level. This block of classes will run for a total of 8 Weeks.

MONDAY, April 29th for levels:
Beginner 1 A – 6:30 to 7:45 pm
Intermediate 3 – 7:45 to 9:00 pm

TUESDAY, April 30th for levels:
Advanced – 6:30 to 7:45 pm
Beginner 1 – 7:45 to 9:00 pm

THURSDAY, May 2nd for levels:
Beginner 1 B – 6:30 to 7:45 pm

SATURDAY, May 4th for levels:
Beginner 2 A – 8:30 to 9:45 am
Beginner 1 B – 9:45 to 11 am
Intermediate 1 – 11 am to 12:15 pm

This block of classes will run until June 22nd, 2019 (8 weeks).

Class Levels - Block of April to June 2019

Currently open for enrollment

Advanced – Classes once per week – Tuesdays

Block of 8 classes

$ 250.00 $ 200.00

Beginner 1 – Classes Once Per Week – Tuesdays

Block of 8 classes

$ 250.00 $ 200.00

Beginner 1.A – Classes once per week – Mondays

Block of 8 classes

$ 250.00 $ 200.00

Beginner 1.B – Classes Once Per Week – Saturdays

Block of 8 classes

$ 250.00 $ 200.00

Beginner 1.B – Classes Once Per Week – Thursdays

Block of 8 classes

$ 250.00 $ 200.00

Beginner 1.B – Classes Twice a Week

Block of 16 classes

$ 350.00 $ 300.00

Intermediate 1 – Classes Once per Week – Saturdays

Block of 8 classes

$ 250.00 $ 200.00

Intermediate 3 – Classes Once per week – Mondays

Block of 8 classes

$ 250.00 $ 200.00

Class Materials

Books are to be picked up during class

Class Levels - Block of April to June 2019

Currently open for enrollment





Portuguese Tips by our teacher Rita Azevedo!

Portuguese Classes Testimonials

Interested in learning Portuguese? Check out some of our students testimonials below!

Melina Rios Rodriguez

Flight Safety International

“The Portuguese classes I am taking at the Brazilian Arts Foundation have provided me with a great foundation and understanding of the language. Teresa is a very passionate professor.”

Claudia Moradel

Logistics and Planning Analyst - National Bronze & Metals, Inc.

“The Art Brazilian Foundation “Portuguese Program” has helped me a lot to learn Portuguese and to understand the culture through a delicate and passionate teacher “Teresa”. Also, all the Brazilian students and professors of different classes such as samba, capoeira try their best to help you to practice the language. In these 3 months, I have really enjoyed the classes and learned this beautiful language. I definitely recommend anybody who is interested in learning Portuguese to try this course.”

Marisol Monasterio 

Occupational Therapist - ROC of Houston

“The Portuguese classes at the Brazilian Art Foundation are excellent. I have been able to improve my conversational skills, and Theresa makes grammar very comprehensible. It is a fun and enjoyable experience”

Kimberly Garcia

Editor - Region 4 Education Service Center

“I love Portuguese, and the language classes at the Brazilian Arts Foundation are great. The teacher who is Brazilian is also the author of our language book! And not only do I get to learn the language but I get to do so surrounded by Brazilian culture. Sometimes a Capoeira class may be going on or Brazilian drums are playing in the background. If you want a little taste of Brazil without leaving Houston, this place is it!”

Mariel Alanis

FlightSafety International

“Learning Portuguese has greatly aided me in serving my customers. Being able to speak with my customers in their native language ensures that I am meeting their requirements as well as strengthening the business relationship. I thank the Brazilian Arts Foundation for their help and am grateful of the knowledge I have attained.”

Gary Reese

Senior Support Analyst - Lockheed Martin Information Technology - NASA Johnson Space Center

“Teresa Leiserowitz teaches language with an intensive approach. The instruction is focused on teaching Portuguese in an environment that will simulate what a student will encounter in a Portuguese-speaking country. She also has written a language instruction book with an audio CD. For that reasons, she has built her own rigorous language-learning curriculum, and is a wonderful resource for a person desiring to master the Portuguese language.

I have been her student, and I also have been a foreign language instructor myself. So I know a bit about language instruction. I have taught English in Germany to Germans and German to students at the University of Texas at Austin. I can vouchsafe for Ms. Leiserowitz for her thorough method instruction and her understanding of teaching a foreign language to Americans, particularly those in Houston who want to learn Portuguese.”

Carlos A. Rodríguez

Sr. Technologist Leader - The Dow Chemical Company

“I have been always interested in Languages, and when I needed to learn Portuguese, I approached the Brazilian Arts Foundation, where I have the opportunity to learn the Language and get immersed in the Brazilian culture at the same time. The courses are well prepared and the one on one interaction is great that many of my friends and peers are now attending the classes at the Brazilian Arts Foundation.”

Andrew Valdez

Marathon Oil Company - Advanced Geological Technician

The Portuguese language classes taught at the Brazilian Arts Foundation are such a great resource! Since the entire class is in Portuguese from day one, you’ll be speaking the language starting with your first class. The classes are very fun and focus heavily on conversation in order to maximize retention. Working in the oil & gas industry I meet many people from different countries like Brazil and Angola. Building working relationships is so much easier when you have something in common such as a language. These classes have been a tremendous help and I recommend them all the time.

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