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Rice University Program

Historically, Rice University has recognized that becoming physically educated is integral to one’s overall education. Since the university was founded in 1912, the Lifetime Physical Activity Program has worked to create a multi-faceted learning experience that promotes the physical, social, and emotional benefits of physical activity.

  • To encourage a lifetime of fitness through the teaching of mechanical, physiological, and nutritional principles.
  • To teach other pertinent knowledge such as historical and cultural foundations, rules, and strategy.
  • To create an environment that fosters a sense of emotional satisfaction, physical accomplishment, and social interaction for its participants.
  • To provide students with high-quality instruction specific to course material so that they may learn skills that will improve the length and quality of their lives.
  • To expose Rice University students to activities that are not necessarily mainstream in United States culture.

The Brazilian Arts Foundation has been involved in the LPAP program since 2002, providing Capoeira classes weekly to the Rice community and participating in various cultural events at the University. The goal of the program is to use Capoeira as a medium for improving physical strength, coordination, and flexibility, building self-confidence, and developing cross-cultural exchanges. The students learn about the culture, history, music and language of Brazil, while learning healthy social skills like discipline, cooperation and respect. In addition to learning Capoeira after school, Rice University students also have the opportunity to train and practice Capoeira at the Brazilian Arts Foundation cultural center, exposing them to students with more experience and integrating them further into the world of Capoeira.


Mauricio (Gringo) gave us a solid foundation in Capoeira that would enable us to continue in the sport. Gringo was always open to questions, and he worked to make sure that everyone understood the moves presented and executed them with the proper technique.

– Rice LPAP student

Professor Campos is both patient with those whose skills are less developed and creative in presenting ways to improve our grasp and performance of the concepts being taught. He is also excellent at inspiring enthusiasm in the students and demonstrating the community and spirit of the art.

– Rice LPAP student

The instructor was a slow and deliberate teacher who was always happy to show you how to do something if you didn’t know. You could stop any time to ask questions. He knew how hard to push you without going too far.

– Rice LPAP student

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