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Senior Arts Program at Wesley Community Center

BAF_0011_seniors_art_program_1The Brazilian Arts Foundation has offered free art and exercise classes to the seniors at Wesley Community Center for the past ten years. Members participate in weekly painting classes, working on various techniques, that are designed to aid in externalizing emotions, develop creativity and individual expression. The instructor incorporates light stretching and gentle movement into the class to assist with the activities, improving energy levels and concentration. In addition to the physical and mental benefits of this program, the organization believes that music, dance and painting classes will help relieve daily stress and anxiety.


The Arts Program is something that has brought a lot of new members to the Community Center. It’s important to have them because they are consistent; they give the seniors something to look forward to. They don’t have much and they love their art classes. They just love having such energetic company. Tony and Mauricio keep members coming, and they bring new members to the Center.

– Estella, Director of Seniors Programming at Wesley Community Center

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