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Corporate Portuguese Schedules and Fees

Our standard price packages are as follows:


1 Student – $60.00 per hour

2 Students – $80.00 per hour – ($40 an hour per student)

3 to 6 Students – $120.00 per hour – (As low as $20 an hour per student)

7 to 10 Students – $140.00 per hour – (As low as $14 an hour per student)

11 to 15 Students – $165.00 per hour – (As low as $11 an hour per student)


Blocks of 30 hours:

(Your Company can customize the amount of hours for each block)

1 Student – $1800.00

2 Students – $2400.00

3-6 Students – $3600.00

7-10 Students -$4200.00

11-15 Students – $4,950.00


Material Costs:

A $50 fee applies for each book to any package (one time fee, book will be used from beginner to advanced levels and contains a CD to further the student’s learning experience outside of the classroom).


Class Cancellations Policy:

Any class cancellation must be done at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled class to avoid charges.

The Brazilian Arts Foundation works with your company to customize a class agenda that best fits your needs. For best results, two classes per week are recommended.


Our Clients include:

Dow Chemical Company, FloaTEC and HRT America Inc. If your company is interested in offering weekly Brazilian Portuguese classes for groups, please download our proposal and contact us with your questions at, our team would love to hear from you.

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