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Teresa Leiserowitz

Teresa Leiserowitz, graduated in modern language Portuguese-German from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, in 1983. She worked for seven years as a first grade teacher in her family school in Rio de Janeiro, where she got a good pedagogical experience. Since 1988, she has lived in Houston, where she teaches Portuguese for foreign people for many language schools and for many companies like Dow Chemical, Chevron, Shell, Texaco, Votorantim Inc. and Vinson & Elkins to name a few. In 1988 she decided to write the book Português Dinâmico Século 21. It took five years to complete the book, because the chapters have a sequence, and the dialogues are about what we talk about day by day.

Secondly the author of the book Português Dinâmico Século 21, brings to mind the difficulty that she sees in her students in adjusting to the habits and the language in a foreign country, besides giving more information about Brazilian reality and cultural life. It shows some differences between Portuguese from Brazil and from Portugal.

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